An Association for Rural Development

Striving for socially, economically and politically viable society

DevCon’s Mission is to “empower the socially excluded through awareness-building, education and providing them the opportunity to exercise their basic rights through enhancement of their participation and representation in the social, economic, and political arena.”

DevCon – An Association for Rural Development; was conceived when a group of young professionals from various walks of life joined hands with a vision of striving for a socially, economically and politically viable society. To translate this vision they organized their efforts registered DevCon in 1997 under Societies Act 1860 as a not for profit non government organization (NGO).
Organization underwent an evolutionary process. Initially, for five years, organization was managed by volunteers and associates on voluntarily basis. It was a conscious strategy to run the organization on voluntary basis to assess sustainability and commitment with its vision. Under this strategy, young men and women with a desire to do something for the development of their own career and communities were taken onboard as volunteers. These volunteers were mentored and trained on various aspects of development sector programs, strategies, and organizational management. These volunteers later become the skilled human resources for DevCon as well as for other sectoral organization in Sindh.
Education was the first progamme them DevCon started working at. Eventually, in 2010 DevCon emerged as multi-sectoral right based organization in Sindh. Since then, DevCon is working on major programme themes i-e Education, Health, Child Protection, Economic Empowerment, Governance and Emergencies in Sindh.
The organization has grown itself from a local one room space to provincial level spread and moving to national level coverage for its cause.
Currently, DevCon has Headquarters in Karachi and programme offices in number of districts covering northern, central and southern Sindh province of Pakistan. It has very meaningful partnership with local communities, local/national/international organizations and government line agencies.

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Greetings and welcome to DevCon!

As you navigate through our website, I hope you get to know more about the attributes that make DevCon an outstanding community service organization and a wonderful place to build a career.
At DevCon, we believe in reliability, integrity, professionalism, total quality management, teamwork and showing respect to our beneficiaries and associates. Our adherence to the real values of a viable society has been the driving force for DevCon’s recognition
Being civil services as primary activity, our personnel include professional social activists, finance and administrative staff as well as skilled workers that blend together to achieve the goals of the organization. We always seek to employ and develop enthusiastic individuals related to our line of engagement that share and appreciate our values. The average employment time frame of our personnel of 7 years proves the healthy and solid relationship that prevails within its structure, which reflects in the successful completion of the projects in time and to the best satisfaction of the valuable donors and consultants
We have earned the trust and respect of government supporters for one simple reason—we have a vision that links them with us and we bring passion, pride and experience together. Our reputation helps our government beneficiaries to transform the way in which citizens access government services. The programs we support are critical to keeping the nation secure, as well as making government services more efficient. From modernizing the municipal services, ensuring and healthcare access, DevCon has earned a reputation for delivering on programs that truly make a difference.
We have only one objective: to ensure our mission objectives are achieved with the highest level of capability and assurance, and at the lowest possible cost. Our methodology ensures that vital donor programs are stood up on time and on schedule. Our supporters come to us with confidence that we have the expertise to take service delivery to the next level of performance.
We have worked in many of the most demanding and secure environments in the country, and our national reach means that we can support our donors wherever their needs require. As part of DevCon, we are able to draw upon the accumulated knowledge of an organization that has set new standards of excellence in sectors including education, healthcare, and human rights. We apply the very best international insights.
DevCon’s corporate culture is defined by a simple set of corporate values that define how we operate every single day – Trust, Care, Innovation, and Pride. They reflect how we interact with our supporters, our field colleagues, and our communities.
I hope this provides you with a few reasons to get to know DevCon better. Whether you are a potential supporter, an existing working partner, or a future employee, we look forward to finding out how we can work together to bring service to life.

Nisar Nizamani

CEO DevCon


DevCon is right based organization and acknowledges the right to quality education for all. Education is DevCon’s core program area. Essentially, organization has expertise and vast experience on various models of primary education-ranging from informal education, accelerated learning courses, early child education and formal education. Peculiarly, socially excluded, poor, working children in rural areas of Sindh comprise cross-cutting target group of Educational Interventions of DevCon. Organization designs its education interventions through systematic approach and contextualize program strategy accordingly.

Child Protection

Sindh is hub of agro-industrial economy. Children form a low cost labor force to cater human resource needs, depriving children from their fundamental rights. There is lack of protective/preventive legislation in Sindh. DevCon being right based organization recognizes children rights at the core of organizational ethos. Organization acknowledges right-based advocacy instrumental for raising awareness about children rights and pushing legislation bodies for protective legislation. To compliment this objective, organization pursues comprehensive community mobilization approach, forming civil society networks and building their capacity on child rights to enhance outreach of child rights monitoring across Sindh.


Quality Health is essential component of DevCon’s overall development programs with key focus on Mother, Newborn and Child Health. DevCon follows holistic approach i-e capacity building of Health Care Providers , contributes in Health System Strengthening , up gradation and refurbishment of health facilities, behavioral change of children & parents to adopt best health practices in order to improve their health status. Besides, DevCon mobilize community in order to promotes the idea of community ownership of health facilities for quality assurance and sustainability through its Partnership Defined Quality Initiatives Approach.

Economic Empowerment

Nation thrives when people have equitable economic opportunities, fair distribution of economic resources irrespective of caste and gender. DevCon’s EE approach reflects that Building economically a viable society, economic empowerment of women, youth and adolescents is vital to ensure their mainstreaming in development process through skill enhancement, entrepreneurship, vocational education and social organization. DevCon designs sustainable economic empowerment interventions with strategic focus on women, youth and adolescent empowerment for larger good of society.


DevCon believes that nations thrive in democratic systems where un parallel justice system, effective administration, equitable distribution of economic resources, access to basic amenities of life take priority in government agenda. Right political approach combined with pro-active administration, transparency and accountability/self accountability would results into improved governance. Under various intervention DevCon has developed replicable administrative and governance models. It addresses governance issues in collaboration with stakeholders including reputed international organizations.


DevCon is taking changing global environment as emerging threat to social, economical and ecological lives of poor communities, women and children in particular. DevCon believes to empower community through capacity building of communities to setup indigenous community based disaster preparedness response and mechanism to minimize disaster risks. In this strategy government functionaries are integrated as key stakeholders and organization executes DRR interventions in close coordination with provincial and district DRR/emergency response teams of government. DevCon has diversified development interventions in many districts of Sindh province which are disaster prone regions. Organization integrates DRR as essential component of program in given regions.

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