DevCon believes that nations thrive in democratic systems where un parallel justice system, effective administration, equitable distribution of economic resources, access to basic amenities of life take priority in government agenda. Right political approach combined with pro-active administration, transparency and accountability/self accountability would results into improved governance. DevCon is committed to contribute in improving governance and administration. Under various intervention organization has developed replicable administrative and governance models. We engage in addressing governance issues in collaboration with stakeholders (government/CSOs) including Reputed International Organizations. This characterizes organizations approach towards improving cross cutting governance and transparency in Education Child Rights, Health and electoral process in Pakistan.

Approach of Intervention

Child Rights Governance

DevCon is working on improving Child Rights Governance in Sindh by establishing Child Protection Units to prevent and respond child rights violations in collaboration with social welfare department. Capacitating Stakeholder on Child Rights and Child Rights Governance. We are lobbying with Parliamentarians on Child Rights Legislation, enactment of Acts pertaining to child rights. We are managing the Secretariat of Child Rights Movement in Sindh. This network comprising of forty three civil society organizations, engaged in monitoring status of child rights governance in Sindh.


DevCon on the platform of Child Rights Movement in collaboration with Alliance Against Child Marriages lobbied with parliamentarian, Sindh government and played an active role for enactment of Sindh Child Marriage Restrained Bill 2013. DevCon has been working on implementation of SCMR Act 2014.And, enactment of Sindh Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill 2011. Sindh Prohibition of Children Employment Bill 2012, and notification of Sindh Child Protection Authority Act. DevCon is also working with leading training institute such as Sindh Judicial Academy and Saeedabad Police Academy Karachi, where we have Jointly organized number of the trainings to build capacity of senior government officials, judiciary and Police on Protection and Promotion of Child Rights.

Governance in Education

In order to improve transparency and governance in primary education, DevCon conducted Budget Analysis of five Districts i-e Hyderabad, Badin, Sanghar, Khairpur and Jacobabad in Sindh. USAID’s Citizen’s Voice project funded this unique research and advocacy intervention. The findings of the study reflected inappropriate and non-proportionate budgetary allocations, expenditure and misplaced priorities in budgetary process. These findings generated a renewed debate among stakeholders to improve transparency and accountability in educational governance in Sindh. Including DevCon CSO’s refer this research and build advocacy campaigns correspondingly.

Public Administration

Essentially, governance plays crucial role in providing basic services to masses in democratic form of government. In this regard, effective municipality structures play pivotal role in various components of public welfare including water, sanitation, hygiene and street lights etc. Under USAID’s Citizen Voice Project. DevCon has implemented Replication Model on improving municipal services in a joint venture between DevCon-An Association for Rural Development & Taluka Municipal Administration, Shahdadpur, District Sanghar. The project contributed in citizens’ empowerment. In order to ensure accountability & transparency within department the project launched multiple interventions through advocacy, improving services delivery, introducing complain mechanism system taken over by concerned department, and proposes waste collection and disposal system etc.

DevCon’s Interventions on Governance