Economic Empowerment

Nation thrives when people have equitable economic opportunities, fair distribution of economic resources irrespective of caste and gender. DevCon’s EE approach reflects that Building economically a viable society, economic empowerment of women, youth and adolescents is vital to ensure their mainstreaming in development process through skill enhancement, entrepreneurship, vocational education and social organization. DevCon designs sustainable economic empowerment interventions with strategic focus on women, youth and adolescent empowerment for larger good of society.

Approach of Intervention

Family Support

In Jacobabad and Sanghar districts under integrated child rights program DevCon supported families of working children

Improving Vocational Skills

Improved vocational skills of 4019 adolescent girls and women and enhanced the quality of their saleable handicrafts. Imparted vocational skills to 2082 adolescent boys in order to improve their skills to ensure their of employment/ internships in market.

Capacity Building

Enterprise Development trainings imparted to 2,957 working children families to initiate and grow small businesses.

Financial Assistance

Extended business grants (enterprise support) to 950 working children families to establish off-farm businesses.

DevCon’s Interventions on Economic Empowerment