Mental Health & Psychosocial Support

Mental Health & Psychosocial support and protection of vulnerable children in alternate care & detention facilities in Sindh.

As of 14 July, 101,101 confirmed cases of COVID 19 have been reported in the Sindh province. Sindh amongst the whole country has the highest number of people infected and affected by the pandemic. It is also important to note that the number of children infected with COVID 19 is also significant. There are more than 800 children below age nine who are infected with Corona virus in Sindh. Amongst the most vulnerable ones are the children living without their families in care institutes and in detention centers. Due to the physical environment and living together with no measures for precautions, these children are more susceptible to get COVID 19 infection. The situation of lockdown and discontinuation of schooling and other outdoor activities may also add to their vulnerability to violence and abuse.

Project Description

The key objective of the project is to reach to the most vulnerable girls and boys in alternate care and in detention for the prevention of COVID 19 infection. It is also to disseminate messages on prevention of violence and abuse resulting from multiple factors including lockdown. As these children are without their families and due to lockdown might have lost contact, the need for Psychosocial Support is imminent. DevCon with the collaboration of the Social Welfare Department will be working closely with the institutions to ensure that these children are safe from COVID 19 and from abuse and violence.

Project Details

  • Supporter: UNICEF
  • Date: July, 20 to Dec. 30, 2020
  • Category: Health
  • Location: Sindh
  • Budget: Rs. 7,650,000/-
  • Download: N/A

Project Participants

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