SAS Program

Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) Assisted Schools Program

The SEF Assisted Schools (SAS) Program is the integration of the old Integrated Education Learning Program (IELP) and Rural Based Community School (RBCS) program of the Foundation. It is one of the largest programmatic interventions of SEF based on the Public Private Partnership (PPP) framework, established for the purpose of promoting the twin goals of equitable access to, and improving the quality of education for all children across Sindh. 

The quality inputs largely focus on capacity building in school management and administration, improving the learning environment in schools through professional development of teachers, and provision of learning resources for meaningful teaching-learning activities for children. SAS endeavours to shift the paradigm of SEF partners from a profit-orientated approach to an education-oriented one. SEF’s vision of quality education transcends access to basic schooling and improving literacy rates with a resolve to develop and implement viable models of academic delivery through public private and community partnerships, which are contextually relevant to the local needs; and, they directly contribute to the sustainable development of the communities being served.


Project Description

Under the SAS Program, DevCon managed 16 Primary schools in district Sanghar of Sindh for a period of four years. Further negotiations for continuity are in progress.

Project Details

  • Supporter: Sindh Education Foundation
  • Date: 2017 – 2020
  • Category: Education
  • Location: District Sanghar, Sindh
  • Budget: Subsidy @ Rs. 700/month/child
  • Download: N/A

Project Participants

  • Males: ##
  • Females: ##
  • Children: ## Boys ## Girls
  • Main Activities: 1,2,3